What are Karmic Debts?

Your Karmic Debts are the Consequences of your Actions Rooted from Your Previous Lifetime

Do you feel victimized by repetitive circumstances in your life? Have you ever wondered why certain life struggles keep happening to you? Do you recognize a pattern behind this recurring misery that you can’t seem to comprehend? 

These negative patterns may be attributed to unresolved issues from your past life

Understanding Karmic Debts 

In numerology, karma is the spiritual cause and effect,  which can pass over to different lifetimes. Our souls bear wisdom as well as the burdens from our previous lives. Based on this premise, karmic debts can be summarized by the phrase “What goes around comes around.” 

Simply put, our actions that caused pain, suffering, and misfortune unto others will be experienced by us eventually. Karmic debts are the consequences of life events in our past life, of which we are making amends in our present lifetime. The negative energy from our past actions is passed on as debts in reincarnation

Karmic Debt Numbers 

There are 4 distinct Karmic Number Debts that can be identified based on your date of birth, life path number, and personality number. These numbers provide us an understanding of the behaviors that wronged others as well as the karmic lessons we need to learn. 

Karmic Debt Number 13/4: Lesson in dealing with Work Life 

This karmic debt number indicates an abuse of one’s morals when it comes to work-life. Your lesson in this lifetime is to work hard to achieve success in your career and personal goals. A familiar roadblock is having difficulty reaching your goals through shortcuts. You have to learn the true meaning of diligent work and putting more grounded effort to achieve success in the workplace. 

Karmic Debt Number 14/5: Lesson in the Abuse of Freedom 

You have abused your freedom in your past life, consequently, your lesson in this lifetime is to give importance to the positive traits as a free spirit.  This karmic debt number is associated with escapism and abandoning responsibilities. Maintain balance by practicing boundaries and self-control. 

Karmic Debt Number 16/7: Lesson in Transgressions in Love 

The debt you have to pay in this life is centered on love. You have committed transgressions in your relationships in your past life that resulted in the suffering of others. This is due to your arrogance, vanity, and self-centeredness.  Your ego over-rules and in this life, you are being called to practice humility. A common pattern when you have this karmic debt results in toxic relationships. 

Karmic Debt Number 19/1: Lesson in Exploitation of Power 

This karmic debt is a lesson on personal power. You valued personal gain discrediting the needs of others in your past life. A repeating pattern is feeling victimized by circumstances and that your needs are not met accordingly. Your lesson to make amends for this past behavior is to learn to choose to care for others without falling into a victimhood mentality. 

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