Twin Flames vs Soulmate

A twin flame is said to be two parts of the same soul. As the soul ascends to a higher frequency, the soul splits into two different physical bodies. In the event that they are born in a certain lifetime, they are destined to meet each other at some point. Coming from the same soul, twin flames are mirrors of each other. They reflect each other’s interests, traits, emotions, and spiritual journey in this given lifetime.  

Twin flame relationships are very intense and full of emotions, such that twins often run away from each other when they’re not ready for the union. A twin flame relationship isn’t always a romantic one, but their relationship requires a great deal of inner work, for it to actually work. 

To meet a twin flame is often rare, unique, and an extraordinary experience. The process brings out both the best and worst parts in you, but eventually, leads to your higher purpose in this lifetime. 

What is a Soulmate?

Unlike a twin, which is from the SAME soul, a soulmate is a completely different concept. A soulmate is someone you have a past life connection with, and with whom, you were together with at one point before. You are attracted or connected to each other because of a shared bond in the past. 

A soulmate can be anyone. There can be many types of soulmates, from a romantic soulmate to soul families, and kindred spirits. 

When you do find your soulmate, you are overpowered with this sense of finding your “perfect” match. Compared to a twin flame, this relationship is less intense, more light, and less driven by insecurities but still special. Remember, that you can have more than one soulmate in contrast to the popular belief that you only have one. 

What Makes Them Similar?

There is a very similar feeling between meeting a twin or a soulmate. There’s always a sense of home, familiarity and completeness when meeting either of them. They are both relationships that touch us at a deeper, soul level. 

What Makes Them Different?

The main difference is that a twin flame is but ONE soul, while a soulmate can be several souls that share the same energy and bond as you. Soulmate relationships are easier to find, whereas a twin flame, to be honest, is a more challenging encounter. 

Whether you have met your soulmate or twin flame, an important thing to remember is people will always come to our lives for a reason. The reason may not be clear at the moment, but the universe has its way to remind you of your purpose in this lifetime. And they come at the right time. 


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