How to Manifest and Turn your Goals to Reality

Manifestation. It’s a popular word thrown around these days. You may have already heard of it. It’s a simple word but a little bit hard to grasp. 

Manifesting is about turning your goals into reality. It’s tightly linked to the Law of Attraction, something that has been talked about since the release of the book The Secret and its movie. Manifestation and the Law of Attraction are two concepts used by popular personalities like Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Oprah, and even Mother Teresa. 

What is the Law of Attraction and Manifestation

Law of Attraction is a universal law that says ‘like attracts alike’ while manifestation is consciously using your thoughts and energy to attract what you want and desire. How do we go about this? Here are some simple rules:

  1. Be clear with what you really want. 
  2. Change your energy to a positive one, and operate at a higher frequency to attract good and positive circumstances in your life. 
  3. Believe, and really believe, that good things will happen to you and that you deserve it. 
  4. Visualize that you already have what you want. 
  5. Consciously practice visualization and be persistent in achieving your desires. 

Now, these are simple rules to follow, let’s now talk about how you can take action in your everyday life to manifest and turn your goals into reality. 

Decide on what you really want.

To start attracting your desires, you have to clearly decide on what you want. We want to emphasize that your vision should be crystal clear. You can start by making a vision board, and make sure that you’re able to see it every day. Do you want a new car? Imagine how the car looks like. How it would feel to sit inside the car. What does that new car smell like? Make it real in your mind to turn it into reality. This is a small mental exercise to align your thoughts, energy, and reality. 

Try to experience your desires

What we did in the first part is a mental and imaginary exercise. Let’s now practice your desires in a physical realm. Do you still want that new car? Go to the auto shop and look for the vehicle you’re aiming to buy. Announce it to the universe, “I will be able to buy that new car!” 

Be open to the endless possibilities

Sometimes, we focus too much on the negative things happening in our lives. We only see what we lack and what we don’t have. Let’s change this perspective. Look around you and count every blessing that you have in your immediate proximity. Be grateful for everything that has happened to you. Accept the possibility that even in the direst situations, positive and good things can also take place. 

Be Persistent but patient

Manifestation and the Law of Attraction are so powerful that they can change your lives. However, it does take some practice to consciously use your thoughts to attract your desires. It may take time for you to learn how to make your goals into reality. As such, don’t expect it to happen overnight. So consciously believe in the possibilities of reaching your goals and dreams. 

Remember that you deserve greatness and you are worthy of only good things. It is not an easy journey, but it will definitely be worth the experience.


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