Cutting Cords from Negative Relationships

Cord Cutting is a Meditation Practice to Heal You from the Shadow of a Past Relationship 

If you have been immersing yourself in the spiritual community, you might have heard of cord-cutting. Spiritual healers or your trusted psychics may recommend you to do cord-cutting to release any kind of attachment from a specific person. To give you an overview, cord-cutting is an established form of meditation to address the need to heal past relationships that generated negative imprints, thus affecting our overall well-being. 

Each and every one of us forms an energetic cord with others. While in the relationship, we create both positive and negative energies formed from our interaction with each other.  We are bound by an energetic cord to each other. While cords with positive energetic imprints are good for the spirit, negative cords can weigh us down. 

Why Cord-Cutting is Important

Have you ever noticed a pattern in your relationships? Do you always find yourself committing the same mistakes in your relationship in a given situation? 

When we carry negative energies from our past relationships, we continue to repeat negative patterns in succeeding relationships. Our relationship dynamics are affected by these negative cords hence practicing cord-cutting is an important healing technique. This is a spiritual practice to help us sever the ties of negative or fear-based attachments from our past relationships. 

The process can be summarized as a form of letting go and allowing yourself to release any blockages in your energy caused by these negative cords. 
Cord-cutting is also about forgiveness. You are forgiving yourself and others for any past deeds that caused you pain and suffering in the process. In the process, you are allowing yourself to receive acceptance while detaching yourself from any negativity formed from a specific relationship. Engaging in this practice frees both you and others from the unnecessary energy that you no longer need.

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