Are they a twin flame ?

Are they a Twin Flame?

Is he/she my Twin Flame?

Have you heard of the term, Twin Flame? For sure, you’ve come across this concept with the growing community of seekers, like you are becoming more attuned to esoteric concepts. 

It’s sometimes interchanged with a soulmate, but these two are completely different from each other.

Twin Flames are two parts of the same soul. As a soul ascends, the soul splits into two different bodies and is eventually born in the same lifetimes. 

Once twin flames are born in the same lifetime, this ushers a signal towards a higher purpose for the soul. 

Signs that you are about to meet your twin flame

How would you know then if the person in front of you is a soulmate or twin flame? If you have a twin, you are destined to meet each other one way or another. And when you do meet him or her, you will immediately sense a feeling of home, familiarity, and recognition. You will feel whole, and complete during your fateful union. 

Many people will actually say that they think they’ve known that person for their whole life, even when they just met. Here are some telltale signs that you are about to meet your twin flame:

  1. You feel that something BIG is about to happen. You don’t know what it is, but you feel that a big change is coming your way. It can be as simple as suddenly quitting your job, or changing careers, or moving to a completely different location. Depending on your level of readiness, deep down, you know that the transformation happening in your life leads to the reunion. 
  2. You might feel different, such as you are suddenly compelled to try new things or start a new passion project. This might be a sign that the universe is leading you to your twin flame. 
  3. You have weird dreams about your twin. You meet a person you don’t know, but whom you are familiar with in your dreams. This is a common sign that your twin is communicating with you from another plane. 

How would you know if you’ve met your twin flame? 

When you’ve met your twin flame, some of the things you may feel will be:

  1. A very intense and overwhelming feeling.
  2. A feeling of wanting to get to know the person better, and on a deeper level.
  3. You will have a lot of commonalities with your twin - the same interests, experiences, and even traits.

There really is no one definite and sure sign that you’ll meet your twin, but you may be able to notice patterns of these signs. When you are able to notice this, it’s important to follow it, and flow with the universe. To meet your twin flame is a unique, rare, and wonderful phenomenon. And meeting them only means that the universe is giving you a higher purpose in this lifetime.